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Message from Tulisa (Ndubz)

Any N Dubz fan out there probly know that there were rumors going around that Tulisa has the swine flu, it was on alot of blogs and tv shows and all that so Tulisa wrote a quick message on her myspace to clear up the rumors:

Hey everyone just thought I'd let u no that I'm fine and I only had suspected swine flu, I fainted on my plane journey to greece due to exhaustion from the tour and a normal flu, because it happened on a plane and I had the symptoms the right precautions had to be taken so I had to go to hospital and get tested for swine flu, it was scary stuff and I was shitting my pants until I found out I was clear. But like I said I'm totally fine now. I also want to say a big thank you to all the people that were worried about me and sent me messages. Really appreciate


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