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New Leona blog on Michael Jackson & new album

May 04 2009 - Update from LA!
Hi there,
I am on my way home to London and thought I’d update you on how things are going. I’ve been in the studio loads working with Ryan Tedder, which has been really exciting, I enjoy creating with him so much ‘cos he has lots of ideas and he’s so passionate!

I’ve also been working with a lot of talented writers and producers and I’m on a journey to find people I really connect with creatively! I’ve recorded some songs which I truly feel inspired by and I’m looking forward to sharing them.

I’ve also been having an awesome time in LA. I have been with the horses and riding loads, the other day my horse got a bit scared and head-butted me which hurt my lip and cheek pretty bad! I was in hiding for a few days waiting for the swelling to go down!

I also saw… wait for it… Michael Jackson! The other day my friend and I were shopping in Urban Outfitters (love that store!) on Melrose and as we were driving back there was a big commotion at the side of the road. People were scrambling and falling all over the place, we looked into the car that was right beside us and he got in and started signing autographs for people! That made my day, plus I got a really cute top from Urban so I was happy!

Well, I will blog again soon!

Love always


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