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Mariah Carey - Obsessed (Lead single)

Here is Mariah Carey's new song from her upcomming album.

I dont like it. Its Mariah Carey! She used to be the queen.. now shes just bringing out songs to fit in with the music whats popular now, I cant understand much of what shes saying cause shes it edited and autotuned so much!

Aswell as it being a diss about Eminem! Shes Mariah.. why is she bringing out a diss track!!?? Usually people do that for attention for gain record sales!

Im not saying she should go back to ballads cos it would be boring if she just did ballads.. but she can bring out uptempo songs what arent the same as any other hip hop star, she could of did her usual stype like emotions ect. uptempo pop song is what she kicks ass at!


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