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Mia Rose's letter to her fans

Mia is the first girl to pratically do a youtube singing video, was the most suscribed person on youtube for over a year, was the most popular person on the internet then one day she just disappeared and posted a random video every half a year, now she explains why she couldnt do the whole youtube thing.. she was signed to a contract.

Im glad Mia let us all know what has been going on cause everyone had there own opinion and taughts thinking she didnt want to sing anymore or that she was sick of youtube.. now we know the real reason and i respect Mia for talking the time to write this letter..

Dear all my fans...

Im so sorry I have been M.I.A for such a long time. Believe me its been really hard to stay quiet.
I've had so many ups and downs in this business that you all would be shocked! America never went as expected. You know how you get sold the best future in the world just to find out it was all a sham? Well, thats basically what happened. I was young and I believed that America was the golden ticket! I mean seriously when you get both Tommy Mottola and Universal Music together wouldn't you think, "this can never go wrong?" yup... well it did. I got tired of waiting. Tired of them not seeing how keeping up with my Youtube channel or being true to my music background was important...

I decided to leave. I came back home, still bound by a two year contract to Tommy and Universal... (couln't do a damn thing). I was patient and I waiting for it to finally end.

When it finally did I was psyched and ready to start afresh... I started from the bottom again - no management, no record label! After a while, I got a huge interest from an agency in Portugal that promised to slowly help me get where I needed to be. I signed a one year contract this time and since then have been working really hard.
Times are tough. The state of the economy right now also doesn't help. Endorsements and investors are hard to find at a time like this. Nevertheless we recorded the single "Let Go" out of our own pockets and since then have been taking baby steps to get where I need to be.

After the release of the single I have gotten a lot of interest from various record labels in both the States and in the UK. This time I want to make the right decision, so Ive read the books I had to read and done the research I needed to do to. Throughout these two years I have grown as a person and as an artist and I truly hope I make you all proud.

The main reason for this update is to let you know that I'm sorry. I appologize for not giving you all the updates you deserved. Im sorry If you felt I had abandoned you or made you feel like I didnt care. I do.
Every one suffers in their own way and mine was in silence. I have finally stepped out of the cave and all i see is sunshine and a bright new musical path with you guys, hence the "keep me company!" slogan on my youtube channel.

Im sorry and I hope you guys all like the new single! A huge thank you to my die hard fans for making me aware of my "missingness" I miss you guys too.

I love y'all!!!




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