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Diana Vickers - 'Jumping into Rivers'

Heres a new song what has just been leaked by Diana Vickers, I dont usually post any leaks from artists upcomming albums cos its not fair after all there hard work but Diana seems to want people to enjoy it and its not a single so here it is!

Diana posted a few words on Twitter about it:

'Guys so my track has been leaked :(sucks but nothin I can do about it..i hope you like it!! it was the first song I wrote for my album..!:D unlike what a lot of people have been sayin it was never gonna be a single or anything, but it's a good summer tune so enjoy!WOO! :) '

P.S - Diana's real twitter page is, theres a more popular one i was following before but Diana comfirmed on her Official website that it was fake and that the @Diana_music one was her real one!

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