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Battle of the charts: Leona vs Black Eyed Peas / JLS vs Robbie Williams

This week has been a big chart battle in the Single & Album section.

So many new singles released this week aswell as JLS vs. Robbie Williams album battle.

First of all JLS have beat Robbie to the number 1 album! Simon Cowell must be so sickened! (Karma's a bitch!) First he snubbed them of a record deal, now are more popular than any X-Factor winner right now! Already have 2 number 1 singles and a number 1 album and have the biggest craziest fanbase ever!

Now onto the Single section.

Black eyed peas beat Leona to the number one single. . . Now Theres lots of storys being printed already that Leona's career is over and shes jinxed by The X-Factor curse. .

Leona would of been number one if Black Eyed Peas performed this week instead of last week.. a mistake by mr. Simon Cowell!

Anyways.. Theres lots of storys saying if Leona cant get #1 by performing on the very stage that made her, what hope has she.. and that her album is going to do the exact same..

I just think the wrong single was chosen as lead single, Alot of people are over Happy because it leaked months ago, The album is full of HUGE songs and she even has a dance song.. thats a big thing for Leona,

Believe me.. her label wont let her flop.. She has Clive Davis behind her, whos one of the most powerful people in the music bizz, Just because her first single didnt go to #1 doesnt mean her life and career is over!

Some more Happier news for Leona, Her song 'My Hand' has been chosen as the theme song for the Final Fantasy RPG series what will be released next year. That is HUGE!


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