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Beyonce will start recording new album in Janurary with Darkchild!

Tonight Mr. Rodney Jerkins aka Darkchild and all his crew were live on Chat and Darkchild was answering some questions fans were asking.

One of the things mentioned was that he will start working with Beyonce again on her new album in Janurary! Alot sooner that I expected!

Also.. as some of you might know, Britney Spears was originally on Lady Gaga's new song 'Telephone' but her team wouldnt let them use her bit so they got Beyonce.. If the song mabye Britney will change her mind and we will get to hear it!?

Darkchild was also taking about his new Webisodes, You might of seen the first video (In studio with Lady Gaga) yesturday? Well he has alot more coming up, He will even have one with Michael Jackson coming soon!

Checkout for all his webisodes.


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