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Cheryl Cole ft. - 3 Words (Official music video)

Cheryl Cole premiered her new music video '3 Words' ft, sometime this Morning, my mum said they were playing it on GMTV this morning.

This video is getting alot of bad response online.. I can see why now.. hmm I taught Cheryl went solo to bring out a RnB album?

Anyways.. I dont like this song, As 'That Grape Juice' says.. Its Rubbish lol. but of course the delusional fans who think shes more talented than Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston put together will go out and buy it and make it a hit!  (I wonder if she looked like Heather from Eastenders would they still be supporting her!?)

Whats up with her trying to look like Lady Gaga at the end of the video?

OK, Im being a bit to mean now.. so ill shup up! In other Girls Aloud news.. Nadine Coyle is still working on her debut album, shes currently in London writing. Im looking alot more forward to Nadines as shes the lead singer of Girls Aloud and the best singer of Girls Aloud. I know it wont be as sucessful as Cheryl's album cause Cheryl is the X-Factor judge for a start. Nadine stays out of the lime light and goes to as less shows as she can, you always see the other girls out partying, posing for the camera, doing there own tv shows ect while Nadine perfers to stay low key so shes not in everyones faces 24-7.. but I know already that even if her album isnt as sucessful, it defiently will be better!


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