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Jamie Archer : X-Factor is ruining Danyl

Jamie Archer said today that X-Factor are ruining Danyl's chances of winning X-Factor as Simon keeps giving him ballads each week.

"I just keep telling him, go back to when you did 'With A Little Help From My Friends'. Remember who you were then," he told DS. "Bring that guy out on stage. Do a fast song for crying out loud! Because he is fun. And he can dance! People are dying to see that back in him.

I just hope the show stops giving him ballads and give him some fast stuff. They need to let him get into it. He does it like I do, you saw it at his first audition. He hasn't had a fast song since then. I just hope X Factor go right, 'You can do the ballads, we've heard the long note at the end, let's see another side to DJ'."

I agree with Jamie, they keep giving him ballads when they know everyone loved him for his first audition when he was dancing and performing.

I think Cheryl & Dani are playing mind-games, Cheryl wanted him in her group, when she found out she had the younger boys she started hating Danyl, putting him down and calling him over confident ect, but if she was his mentor it would be a whole different story. She would be praising him for his confidence, she is trying to distract people from his talent and create a negative thinking towards him.


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