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Leona Lewis - Happy - Live on Dancing with the stars

Leona Lewis arrived in LA this week to start her promotion for her new single 'Happy' and new album 'Echo'.

You might notice that Leona is lip-syncing, Don't worry.. She isn't doing a Britney.. She has a severe troath infection at the moment, she cancelled her performance and interview on the Today Show yesterday but i guess Dancing with the stars is too much of a opportunity for Leona to skip as she need to do as much promo as possible. She will probably be doing the same over the next few days until its safe for her to sing again.

Leona has a very busy scedule ahead of her in the next week.. Here is her scedule for the last 2 weeks of November:

19th - The Ellen DeGeneres Show - USA
19th - The Tonight Show - USA
19th - BBC Children in Need Concert - BBC1, UK
22nd - American Music Awards
24th - JEZEBEL’s 13th Anniversary & Most Beautiful Atlantans Party
25th - Jimmy Kimmel Show Hollywood USA (Taped 20th Nov)
26th - Exclusive WSPA Event, Toronto
26th - Much on Demand (Much Music), Canada
26th - CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute - Hollywood, USA (Taped 21st November)
Date to be confirmed - Today Show Concert Series - USA


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