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Mariah Carey & Susan Boyle on X Factor // Bye Bye Jedward

Tonight on X-Factor both Mariah Carey and Susan Boyle performed on the X-Factor live results show, Im not a big fan of either so i didnt really pay much attention but they both sang brilliant. Mariah showed the critics she can still sing. I still dont get the whole Susan Boyle hype.

Please hope Beyonce will be on the week after next to show them how to work the stage! next week Miss Alicia Keys and Rihanna will be on. Im looking forward to that, more my style!

Also tonight on X-Factor.. John and Edward were voted off my the judges, X-Factor has officially turned into Bore-Factor.. even though Jedward were probably the worse singers ever on X-Factor live show, they were so funny with there crazy performances!

Now X-Factor is going to be so depressing.. Thank god Simon is finally giving Danyl a uptemo song next week to perform and dance to, We will have the Danyl we all love back!

Another shock tonight was that Ollie was in the bottom 2! Crazy.. Hes the best along with Danyl, He was the favourite for the last few week, go onto any X-Factor poll and he was always at the top to win! Hes a amazing performer like Danyl.. Simon needs to step his game up and give them better songs!

Cheryl really annoys me, She NEVER stops bitching about Danyl live on tv, Shes gone extra cocky since she got her #1 song and must think shes the brittish Mariah Carey now! Danyl could sing and perform circles around her! Thank God Danyl is finally going to ignore her!

Team Danyl & Ollie!


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