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Mariah to leave Island Def Jam?

I have been reading alot today that Mariah is set to leave Island Def Jam, Im not sure if Mariah mentioned it in a interview or how the story came along but im posting it anyways cause this is what I think about the whole situation.

I think Mariah should DEFIENTLY leave Def Jam, look at the music she released since joining Def Jam, Its nothing near her music with Sony.. Mariah signed a 22.5 million Dollar deal with Def Jam back in 2002 for a minimun of 3 album released through the label.  Mariah has released 3 now - The Emancipation of Mimi’, ‘E=MC²’ and ‘Memoirs of a inperfect angel.

Def Jam arent very good at promoting Mariah, she is one of the most sucessful female singers ever but shes just thrown to the bottom of the pile.. Rihanna and Justin Bieber are top of the list plus get the most promotion ect. There like the Def Jam jewels.

Def Jam seems to focus more on Rnb music, It kinda feels like shes out of place there.

I think Mariah should leave and go with Clive Davis and Sony, (He tried to get her to his team) She cant fail with him. No more 'Touch my bodys' and 'Obsessed' if she went with Clive, he knows his music.. Just look at the careers of Whitney Houston, Leona Lewis and Alicia Keys. 


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