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Mia Rose at Christmas Carol premiere

Last week was the premiere of the Jim Carrey movie 'A Christmas Carol' and Disney invited along YouTube star Mia Rose to the red carpet.

Anybody who watched X-Factor last week would of seen the finalists at the premiere too as they showed them on the red carpet in there intro before they performed, So i was looking out for them in this video and spotted Jamie (Afro) in the backround!

Its funny how Mia said in her interview shes the #1 most suscribed on YouTube, Im not going to blame her because i know she probably hasnt checked in a while as she always saying shes not the best person at online stuff! Hmm... Shes along way to go to be back at #1, she will need over 2 million suscribers to pass Nigahiga!

Im glad she is back working on her music and Youtube lately, she is even recording her Christmas single 'What will Christmas be like' and releasing it in a few weeks time.


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