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My chat with Leona Lewis!

Last night Leona Lewis was live on webcam at the Kiis Fm studio, there was only a few people so i asked Leona could post her answers on my blog and she said of course i can so here we go!

☁Leona said she wasn't sure if 'Outta my head' would be the second single yet (Some radio shows are pushing it to be, which is a good sign) but Leona isn't sure yet as 'I got you' and 'Love Letter' are still strong contenders. It defiantly will be a single sometime if not the 2nd, She will be performing it today on Jimmy Kimmell.

I was saying she should release Outta my head because she can dance to it when performing and she laughed and said Yeah she will be doing some choreography/Movement for it!

☁I asked her did she see my friend Angelica (AngelicaV1) cover of Bleeding love on YouTube which has nearly 2 million views and Leona said she hasn't seen it yet but she will defiantly look at it now that i have mentioned it..Its great that she has nearly 2 million views and wishes her the best of luck and cant wait to check it out!

☁Leona was also talking about the new Movie Avatar, She recorded the theme song 'I see you', which is very performance based & shot the music video with Jake Nova. Leona has seen bits of the movie (they haven't finished yet) but said it looks incredible as she watched it in 3D!

☁Her favourite movie this year is District 9, she got mixed up and called it District 13! She wasn't sure about acting herself, she would like to give it a try if the right role came along.

☁Her favourite song from Echo is Broken or Brave, with the instruments and organic sound & favourite lyrics from Echo are the 'Happy' lyrics which she wrote with Ryan Tedder.

☁When asked about the people she would like to work with, she mentioned Alicia Keys, Chris Martin, Kings of Leon and David Bowie!

☁Her Rabbie Laryress is fine and has gone big, shes dwarf rabbit so hasn't grew VERY big! shes potty trained her!

☁Is she ever star struck? She was star struck when she met Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston!

☁When she goes back to the UK she wants to try basketball-hourse riding, She loves horses but if your a Leona fan you already know!

All i can say is.. Leona is the nicest celeb ever, she was so down to earth and was just like any other person, She may be a diva singer but her personality is anything but diva! I hope i can catch up with her sometime again and ask her the questions i forgot to ask!

Don't forget to go get your copy of Echo if you haven't already!


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