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New Music: Chris Brown ft. Ester Dean - I love you

Here is the latest new music to leak from Chris Brown's upcomming album Grafitti. The song is called 'I love you' and features Ester Dean also the song was produced by Ryan Leslie.

This is a very raw / unfinished version with a annoying Dj speaking over the track! Chris just posted the following message on twitter:
@MechanicalDummy: the new leaked song, i love you.. its not the finished version.. just lettin u know..
Anyways, the song is very different / Fresh compaired to the usual music what is out now, Its something new for a American Artist, Its a balcanic Eastern European sound.  Cant wait to hear the final version of his album. It will be released next week! Crawl was also released last week in USA and is climbing up the iTunes chart.


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