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New Music: Tulisa (N Dubz) - Comfortable

Here is a new song by Tulisa from N Dubz called 'Comfortable', The song is from N Dubz new album 'Against all odds' which was released today.

I love this song, I always wanted to hear a solo song from Tulisa because i love her voice.

There new single 'I need you' debuted at #5 this week on the UK music chart what is brilliant, They were up against Leona Lewis, Black eyed peas ect.

I am really happy for N Dubz, they have come from nothing to big stars & there getting better and better, there fan base is expanding every day. They did it all themselves, worked there way up without any reality show ect. They produce and write there own songs too!

P.S - They were on the Xtra Factor tonight so i will post the video as soon as its online!


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