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Rihanna - Wait your turn & Hard live @ American music awards

Rihanna just performed at the American Music Awards tonight, She performed her new single Wait your turn and Hard.

Even though I like these 2 songs, ill stick to listening to the cd version, this just reminded me why i went off Rihanna (I used to be like her biggest fan in the begenning before she got big), Then I heard her sing live.. At least here she has a backing track whats doing alot of the work so it doesnt sound as bad.

In other Rihanna news, She will be performing on X-Factor next week, Im not sure what she will be singing as Wait your turn is doing alot better in the UK than Russian Roulette, Its always on tv and I never seen Russian Roulette once yet, Wait your turn seems more like the UK style.. but i think she will sing Russian Roulette anyways to give it a push.


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