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Robbie comfirms Take That reunion

Robbie Williams comfirmed today on 'BBC Radio Two' that he has been in studio working on new songs with Take That.

Here is what Robbie says about the Take That reunion in the interview what will air at Christmas:
"We'd have to have written some incredibly great songs together for me to be very, very excited about the project,"

"Gaz [Gary Barlow] is an amazing, amazing singer songwriter. I'm honoured to be in the same studio as him, erm, when we do, in the future."

When the presenter Kate Thornton asked if he was lying and had already recorded new material, he replied: "Oh sod it, we've been in and the songs are absolutely amazing."

"I want to do it because I've always wanted to be in a gang ever since I left that gang," he said.

"And all the bitterness and resentment's gone now and what is left is a load of love, and watching four guys get together and enjoy each other's company and enjoy the process of writing together. I'm envious of the joy they're having."


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