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Tulisa from N Dubz singing Weakness In Me by Keisha White

This is why I LOVE Tulisa so much, Checkout her covering 'Weakness in me' by Keisha White in her Rehersals at the Royal Albert Hall for The charity show 'Pinktober', alot of female celebrity took part to raise money for charity.

The video isnt very clear, its just a video phone vid.. but you can still hear her perfectly and she sounds amazing.

Shes actually my favourite Brittish singer behind Leona Lewis, Even though I love to hear her sing solo, Im happy she has no plans to leave N Dubz, There so original, She can do alot more musically with Dappy and Fazer. They write all there own music and Fazer does all the producing. They will be producing some tracks for Kylie Minogue's upcomming album!


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