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Jedward sign deal with Louis Walsh!

X-Factor contestants John and Edward have signed a managment deal today with Louis Walsh!

Every X-Factor contestant is contrated by Modest Managment including Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke but Louis Walsh has come to an "amicable agreement" with the company, which has allowed him to take the twins on.

Louis said he is delighted to be working with the twins again but "too early" to give any exact details on their future plans.
"Despite all the doubters, John & Edward proved themselves on The X Factor and I've always been convinced that they have a great career ahead of them," Walsh said. "I'm delighted that I'll be able to continue to work with the pair. We're looking into music as well as TV deals but at this stage it is too early to give any exact details."

Lous will co-manage the brothers with Ashley Tabor, CEO of broadcasting company Global Group.

"Jedward are this year's X Factor phenomenon and I'm thrilled to be able to put the scale of the Global Group behind them alongside Louis, developing what I am sure will be a great career for them both. It's an exciting future," Tabor added.

Louis Walsh currently manages Irish boybands Boyzone and Westlife aswell as previous X-Factor winner Shayne Ward who will be dropping new music in a few months time.

Wooh didnt see that coming, smart move as the twins are the most wanted contestants this year for tv shows and appearences, ITV were even trying to get them onto 'Im a celebrity get me outta here' aswell as being offered there own tv shows and clothing line!


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