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Joe McElderry wins X-Factor

Congrats to Joe who has just won the 2009 series of X-Factor, Im sad for Olly though as I wanted him to win, but he will have a amazing career along with so many of the finalists!

I guess one good thing came out of it, Olly didnt have to release a Miley Cyrus song as his first single, the song was defiently not him and I can amagine him going back to visit his football team and the boys talking about him releaseing a Hannah Montana song! Now he can do his own style... Simon gave him the songs he sang on the live show, If you go back to his bootcamp auditions you can get a feel of the music he likes to sing.

I cant wait for Danyl and Miss Frank to drop some new music too, Ill defiently be looking out for them.


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