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Its no secret that Rihanna has been copying RnB singer Kelis' hairstyles for the last few months, everytime she changes it.. Rihanna does the exact same the next week, Kelis was asked about it in her latest interview and here is what she has to say:
“You know what. Listen, it’d be totally ridiculous for me to not acknowledge it if someone asks. The reality is, what is she like 20? I mean, what else is she supposed to do? I mean honestly. I don’t have any animosity at all whatsoever. That’s what she’s supposed to do.”
Kelis seems alot happier than Fefe Dobson that Rihanna is getting pictures of them and turning herself into them, When Rihanna jumped out of her Beyonce look-alike phase into Phoebe Dobson (Punk Rocker / Attitude) look alike phase for Good Girl Gone Bad ere.. Fefe got a bit worried that Rihanna went so far she even got the exact same tattoos in the exact same place as Fefe's, The exact same hair cut a few days later every time and identical clothes what was always ended up being called the 'Rihanna' look, I guess that would be a bit strange!


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