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Simon Cowell was forced to dismiss Lady Gaga's idea to be joined by lambs on stage while performing on the results show following consultations with health and safety experts.

"She is always way out there with her costumes and dance routines. But not even Simon was prepared for what she had in mind. He thought the animals request was a joke but then realised it was Lady GaGa.

"Simon is an animal lover and wasn't against having the lambs running around, but he said no because of health and safety."

It is thought that GaGa will instead be surrounded by semi-naked male dancers when she sings 'Bad Romance' on Sunday's show.

"People are still going to be stunned."

Wow, It sounds like something Mariah Carey would of asked for (since she calls her fans lambs) well.. Mariah did ask to be joined on stage with kittens while performing at the London shopping center which was dismissed too obviously. amagine the poor kittens if they wernt dismissed, There poor ears right beside Mariah while she does the high notes, It would frighten them to death.


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