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Mariah Carey's official music video to her premiered today, I didnt watch yet cause im too busy listening to Chris Brown's new album and im over all Mariah's new music so cant drag myself to watch espically since alot of the people who were excited to watch like Toyas-World didnt like the video after watching. Here is some quotes:

"I’ve seen yawnfest videos before, but wow. First off, this video was an extreme disappointment"

"Instead, we get a full video of skimpily-clad Mariah on a beach, hair swaying in the breeze, lots of glamour shots and two different costume changes"

"It’s a typical Mariah video but it was really cheap and it looked like there was no effort put into it"

I dont really know why Mariah bothered with another single cause her first 2 single's flopped, Please hope she doesnt release a video for every single off the new album.


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