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Rihanna has decided to change directors for her upcomming music video to her latest single 'Hard', Rihanna has decided to go with Beyonce's director Melina Matsoukas instead of her long term director Anthony Mandler who has done Russian Roulette, Wait your turn video aswell as her past 10 videos.

The single which features Yeezy was released last week charted on the Billboard charts this week at #80.

Its a good thing shes switching things around and trying something new, it will be interesting to see what the video will turn out like, cause alot of people were expecting the same Anthony Mandler style video. It must of been hard telling him he aint doing the new video as she probably grew a bond with him and he was probably expecting to do it as he always does.

Lets just hope she keeps her knickers on in the video!


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