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Tonight was the final on X-Factor, well the first night of the final to decided who the 2 people will be fighting for the winning title tomorrow night.

The show was actually brilliant tonight, I taught it might be a bit boring without Danyl cause Stacey and Joe arent excatly the most entertaining people to watch! but anyways it was brilliant!

The final 3 sang duets tonight which were all great, Stacey sang with Michael Buble, Olly sang with Robbie Williams and Joe sang with George Michael.

I taught Stacey and Michael's chemisty was brilliant, they really pulled it off, same with Olly and Robbie.. They are like twins! So alike and both have very cheeky personalitys so it was funny to watch, Joe sang with George Michael.. hmm.. They didnt really click, they both performed alone if you get me.. the chemisrty wasnt there. It was good but whats up with Joe singing Elton John songs 24-7!?

Anyways... Stacey went, So its Olly and Joe tomorrow night in the final night. TEAM OLLY!


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