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X-Factor results: Danyl leaves

Wow I was kind of expecting it cause I know Cheryl Cole is very influencial and brainwashed alot of people against him to take attention away from his talent.. but I was hopeing it wouldnt happen.

Danyl has been voted out.

Danyl had the best performance last night with Man in the Mirror, He has the best potential out of them all, He is the only one who could crack American, he already has been featured on some shows over there so hopefully he will get a good deal and stick his fingers up at the people who didnt believe in him! Look at JLS they didnt win but are more Sucessful than the winner Alexandra Burke!

Also Shaheen from Britain's got talent came third and has done huge shows, He was even asked my Michael Jackson to open his London shows, which sadly didnt happen. He did sing at his funeral which was seen my millions worldwide.

Anyways.. X-Factor shouldnt be called a talent contest anymore.. Its more like Big Brother, Like people say, they like Stacey cause she has a really funny personality, Joe has a cute face (not my type, My Granny would like him) and Olly is the cheeky guy next door.

Now i would like Olly to win, He's voice wouldnt be the best voice out there but his whole stage presence is great, he mixes hes personality into hes performance so its quite cheeky, he is a great entertainer..

Next week is going to be so boring, Joe just depresses me (Sorry to any Joe fans reading) He sang ballad EVERY week since the very begenning, he has a good clear voice but it can get boring, I would hate to go to his concert but i guess he will win since he is the most popular right now.

Stacey.. Shes being made into a Leona Lewis clone, In her audition she was a far away from Leona as you could think, she sang a Nora Jones style song what really suited her voice and she was dressed young and casual. Now shes been thrown into big gowns and hair dyed blone, her fringe is gone and hair curled the exact same as Leonas! They try get her to sing big power ballads which isnt her style.


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