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X Factor Semi Final review

Wow what a show tonight!

My favourite has got to be Danyl singing 'Man in the Mirror', I think it was in a way higher league than all the rest. Hes got the voice and hes a amazing performer! Hes got the whole package.

I really dont get this whole 'Joe Mania'.. by the looks of it.. Joe will win X-Factor next week.. Yes hes got a nice voice but hes like a free sleeping pill! He sung a ballad every week since day 1, he never once tried to step outside the box, Theres only so far you can go singing ballads in these days.. Look at Mariah .. Shes got one of the best voices of all time but her latest song debuted at #30 and is expected to drop faster than gravity this week.

I really hope Danyl will get through and win, He is alot stronger and is already known in USA, Joe has no chance at cracking any country besides the UK.

I would also perfer to go to a Danyl concert alot more, as i said.. Joe is like a sleeping pill to me so i would fall asleep straight at his concert, while Danyl would be doing all types of songs and working the stage, Hes alot more entertaining.

Anyways... Olly was really good tonight too, Hes second performance was brilliant when he did his own little wierd dance in a Stevie Wonder song! Stacey was really good on her second song, Wasnt feeling her 'The way you make me feel' song even though i give her thumbs up for trying to step outside the box and do something different.


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