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Checkout Joe's first interview since he won X-Factor last night, Joe tells us what its like to be a X-Factor winner and clears up all them rumors what are going around the place!

Joe will have the Christmas number one single next week with The Climb, There is a campaign to try stop him being number one.. Its #2 at the moment the song people are buying to try outsell him.. its some old song released in 1992...

Hmm I didnt want Joe to win but hes a really nice guy and has done nothing bad or wrong, its a inocent guy so why is there so much hate and people so eager to stop him being #1... Its pratically impossible to beat him so there just wasting there money!

I was laughing earlier at the comments on twitter from all the Olly fans! They were saying that its actually a good thing Olly didnt win X-Factor cause he would have no street cred left if he released a Miley Cyrus song from Hannah Montana as his first single! It would be funny seeing his friends talk slagging him for releasing a Miley song! At least he doesnt have to be embarrased.. and can release a song which is his own style as his first single!


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