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X-Factor's Rachel wouldnt work with Rihanna

X Factor star Rachel Adedeji spoke out about the rumors that Rihanna wants to work with her:

"I haven't heard anything but I wouldn't want to work with Rihanna.

"We're too similar there's not enough room for the both of us but the people who wrote for Alexandra Burke and JLS have been in touch."

Hmm.. I dont think there voice or performance are similar, Rachael is a better singer, better at singing live anyways! but... X-Factor have transformed Rach into a Rihanna clone! everything down to the hair / make-up and style! Well i guess they could use the excuse that they were trying to make her look like Febe Dobson cause thats where Rihanna gets all her hair - makeup and style from. The same way they turned Stacey into a Leona Lewis clone.


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