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Both Beyonce and Lady Gaga are headline singers at the Grammy Awards this year, rumor has it that they will be performing there new single 'Telephone' which will be officially released around that time,

The Grammy's are in conjunction with the ‘We’re All Fans’ campaign which highlights the power of fans. Their portraits are constructed with images and footage from real-time, fan-generated YouTube, Twitter, Flickr and Facebook postings which they based the advertising around.

I think it was a really good idea, The fans are the ones what make you.. there the biggest promoters, If you have a big fan base you can go anywhere... Beyonce and Lady Gaga have one of the best fan base's ever and they dont take that for granted.

I just wish Beyonce would join Twitter or something so she could connect with her fans more, even Leona Lewis joined this week to get closer to her fans.. I love how Chipmunk, Justin Bieber, N Dubz, Esmee Denters and a few other singer still tweet back there fans even though there top of the charts.

Basically... there saying... dont do a Amy Winehouse and punch your fans!


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