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Esmee Denters was on BBC Radio One's Live Lounge yesturday and performed her new single 'Admit it' aswell as a cover of someone elses song (you got to listen to find out which song!) . She also had a chat with Max and talks about her collab with Chipmunk, Justin Timberlake ect.

Part 1
Part 2

Part 3

P.S - Chipmunk keeps talking about this girl he likes on twitter.. I keep getting the feeling its Esmee.. the last thing he tweeted was something like should he tell her... I think he's talking about Esmee.. i would bet anything! When Max said on the radio about Esmee saying Chipmunk was good looking and he heard her saying it and then he blushed... Chipmunk blushing?! I wonder is Esmee still dating her manager cause her and Chipmunk would be a really cute match!


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