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Jay-Z has said in his latest interview that he agrees with his pal Kanye West that his wife Beyonce had the better music video, Last year when Kanye caused a media frenzy when he jumped on stage to say 'Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time', Jay-Z states that West was simply “telling the truth”. Peep an excerpt below:

“I’m talking about the Taylor Swift thing. I just think the timing of what he did was wrong, and that, of course, overshadowed everything. He believed that ‘Single Ladies’ [by Beyonce Knowles] was a better video [and] I believed that. I think a lot of people believed that.”

"You can’t give someone Video of the Year if they don’t win Best Female Video. I thought Best Female Video was something you won on the way to Video of the Year. But, hey, I guess it wasn’t – and that’s a whole other conversation about awards shows and artists”.
I competly agree, Beyonce did have the best video, The single Ladies was the biggest video of 2009, It was everywhere, Everyone was talking about it and copying the dance the style and the look. I think the whole Kanye thing was over excadurated because the media wanted to make money out of it. but he shouldnt of took Taylor's moment and jump on stage when she was accepting.. The poor girl must of felt terrible.. I think he should of just waited to post about it on his blog or talk about it in a interview.


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