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Hi everyone!

I hope your New Year is going well, and you’re heading in the direction of achieving your goals!

I just wanted to touch on Haiti as it has really affected me and I’m sure all of you too. I’m so heartbroken by the images I’ve seen in the media and I wish I could go out there and join the efforts to help. I would be on the next plane…but I know that would not help as much as me spreading awareness through my sites, donations, the song for Haiti and my newly devised auction that I will be holding shortly.

Make sure you check back here as I will be auctioning off some valuables and also a chance to do something fun with me!!! Please keep on donating in any way that you can.

I’ve had an eventful January so far. The most exciting thing was the Golden Globes! It was such an honour to attend.

The speeches were touching and Ricky Gervais gave us a laugh while presenting. I got to meet Taylor Lautner from The Twilight saga which was quite exciting, I luv those films! Samuel L Jackson approached me and said he enjoyed my work, which I was blown away by! Oh, and Daniel Day Lewis came and had a chat with me and said he watched me during X-Factor with his family, and he’s a fan! Wow wow wow! So as you can tell I was pretty excited being there!

I then came back to London and performed in the Radio1 Live Lounge which was really cool. The band were awesome and gave it their all as usual - thank you all for sharing your wonderful talents!

I’m now in Japan, and you may already know that it’s my favourite place. The people are lovely and polite and there’s a good atmosphere here, I wish I could speak the language but I don’t let that get in the way!

God bless,
Lots of love,



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