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In N Dubz latest interview with Digital Spy, Dappy and Fazer were asked which 'The Saturdays' member would they dump snog or marry! They didnt know any of the members so the question changed to the Sugerbabes!
Fazer: "I can't put names to faces with that band at all."

Tulisa: "What about the Sugababes?"

Dappy: "OK, I'd say Amelle to marry, because I've met her and she's a great lady. Maybe I'd snog Jade, though she's not necessarily my type... actually, maybe I'd snog Heidi? F**k it, I can't decide anymore!"

Tulisa, who would you snog, marry or avoid from JLS?

Tulisa: "There's four of them! Hmmm..."

Fazer: "One of them looks like a clean version of my brother!"

Dappy: "What about Oritse, Tulisa?"

Tulisa: "Oi stop it! I suppose the cutest one is the little one, Aston, and I guess second-cutest is Marvin. I've got a boyfriend! OK, if I had to pick one to marry it would be Aston, and if I had to pick one to snog it would be Marvin."

Marvin from JLS was asked a similar question lately, He was asked who would he Marry, Snog and keep away from? his answer was - Marry Alexandra Burke, Snog Cheryl Cole and stay away from Rihanna! I guess Rihanna wont be very happy since shes said in a few interviews that she has a crush on him!


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