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Ryan Tedder sat down with Digital Spy to promote his latest album and of couse they had to ask about there princess Leona Lewis, he talks about her bad promotion.. which I agree with, It was like she was thrown in the corner while the newest Syco artists got all the limelight and best promotion.

It doesnt help when she hires Ryan who recycles all his songs over and over on different artists, obviously people are going to be sick of the sound and will want something fresh aka Gaga. I wish Leona's album was more the way she was describing it.. Organic live band sound (Cold Play - esque) but it turned out just to be like Spirit.

Leona still hasnt released her second single 'I got you' yet, Happy was released the same time Alexandra Burke, Cheryl Cole and JLS's new singles which all went to number one, Happy just went to number 2. They have all released there second singles and got to number one & top 10 with them. Im wondering will Leona be able to get there too with 'I got you', or will she ditch the album and start again?

Here is what Ryan says about the situation:

“In the US, unless you’re Justin Timberlake or BeyoncĂ©, you cannot put out a song and not be in the country when it comes out.

Leona was gone for six weeks when ‘Happy’ came out because she was promoting the record in other countries – it wasn’t her fault; she couldn’t be two places in once.

I had radio stations telling me that they thought ‘Happy’ was the single biggest ballad they’d come across in ten years, but that if Leona didn’t come over here and promote it, it was going to fall.”

However, Tedder also admitted that the impact of Lady GaGa – who has notched up five US top ten hits in the last 12 months – might have adversely affected the single’s chances.

“On top of that, America’s consumed with Lady GaGa and dance music right now, so it’s not the best time for ballads anyway”, he said. “When everything on the radio is blasting out at 120 bpm, a song like ‘Happy’ almost sounds out-of-place.”


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