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Brittish Pop star Alexandra Burke was in Haiti for the last few days helping out and returned today with a big blog about her trip, I really respect Alexandra for going out there.. She has a good heart.. we need more stars like Alex and Beyonce and less like (insert name here)

Hello Guys,

Arrived back from Haiti today and thought I’d write a blog to tell you what happened. It was the biggest eye opening trip ever. It was beyond what you can ever expect from watching the news.

I didn’t have a long time in Haiti, but my time there was spent with a charity called ‘Save The Children’. This charity has been in Haiti for over 30 years already helping before the earthquake and now their presence there is even more important with the huge amount of work they have done in the last few weeks since the disaster.

A month on and as you can imagine things aren’t great , and I only saw a tiny part of the devastation that’s been caused. Where I was in Port au Prince was 60% affected by the quake and in other areas it was 90% affected by the quake. I saw, homes shattered everywhere, peoples lives shattered and most of all so many children and pregnant women who need so much help.

My reasons for going to Haiti was to purely come back and show awareness of the situation and to urge other people to help Haiti too.

YOU can do that by donating anything, even if its a small amount or even buying the single ‘Everybody Hurts’ . I have seen for myself where this money is going and I can tell you its so urgently needed.

Seeing families who don’t know if they’re going to eat day by day, or don’t even know where they will sleep every night truly is devastating. And what has made it worse is that its coming up to hurricane season and these people have nowhere to live. Many are in tents or living under trees or in temporary shelters. Some people are moving to places to escape the devastation of their homes yet all may be facing more problems in the months to come and they need more help to survive that.

Who knows how long it will take to re build their lives, they are starting from nothing. This country was already very poor and now even many of those people that did have homes are left without places to live. Most have no way of earning to put food on their tables for their families let alone start ro rebuild homes. But what I do know is that we can make that difference, what might be something small to us is truly a big difference to them.

Things there are still terrifying for everyone, they have lost homes, friends and families and are struggling every day just to survive.But I want to also tell you that people I met are positive, and resilient, they are true survivors and truly inspirational and with some help they will start to be able to put their lives together.

This recovery will take a long time, not weeks or months but years. I will definately go back in a few months time and see how they are doing and how help has made a difference. I have already seen some of the incredible work that Save the Children are doing with the funds being raised including kids safe spaces and mobile health units that are needed so badly.

I just hope we are all able to keep making sure that people dont forget Haiti in the weeks and months to come.

A big thank you to those who have already bought the single and given what they can to help.

I love you guys dearly.

Peace and love - Keep smiling

Alexandra xoxo


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