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Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole has finally split with England / Chelsea football star Ashley Cole after he cheated on her about 10 times!

Cheryl found out about 2 years ago that her husband cheated on her with about 3 different girls but stuck it out with him and gained alot of media attention during the time which lead to her getting a role on X-Factor, then releasing her single 'Fight for this love', but last week Cheryl found out again that he had cheated on her and 3 woman came forward this week saying they slept with him or that he was sending nude pics of himself to them!

Cheryl has finally relised the he AINT worth fighting for and dumped him.

I guess she will go back to her original name she started in Girls Aloud with Cheryl Tweedy.

I think Ashley has to be the dumbest man on earth! Cheryl is voted the sexiest girl in the world every year and he blew it for a one night stand some ugly wanabees!


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