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Checkout Maria Zouroudis' new song she just posted on YouTube, Its called 'Day Dreaming' and is the perfect Valentines day song, The video is really cute too!

[Lyrics written by: MZ]

Boy, you've got my caught up in a daze (waiting)

Just one word is all that it's gonna take (to have me baby)

But 'til we meet I'll be imagining (over and over)

Scenarios how our love could go someday


But daydreaming is all that I can do

'Til I can get close to you

Each day gone feels like eternity

I'm waiting for your love come set me free

I've planned every moment passed hello (so amazing)

The words you'll say, the places that we'll go (together we're better baby)

Take me past my dreams and I'll show you

The best love you've ever had for sure


Lost inside my mind

Are these visions of us

But I'm ready to find out

What you're like beyond them

So bring your love to me

I wanna be set free cuz

I'm a prisoner to my daydreams


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