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I read earlier today that N Dubz have landed there own reality tv show series with Channel 4 today but didnt want to write it until I was sure it wasnt just a rumor.

Fazer just comformed it on there Twitter page so im writing it now!

The tv show will follow them as they go to the US to sign there record deal with Def Jam, record there next album and follow Tulisa as she makes it in the acting world, Tulisa already starred in the UK's Duplicate Drama had meeting with big acting agencys while she was in LA meeting LA. Reid about the record deal!

The tv show will be a MUST WATCH! Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer arent shy people and are very honest, if they think something they will say it! They dont pretend to be all goodie goodies for the cameras and fans, They stayed the same 'real people' so it will be funny, espcially Dappy! He cracks me up in his interviews alone!


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