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Happy 4thBirthday Maddy

Today is the 4th Birthday of Madeline Macann the little girl who was abdutced from her aparpment while on holidays in portugal.

The parents of Maddir have pleaded to redouble their efforts on her birthday. The hunt team have a good idea who the kidnapper is and believe maddie is still alive.
the abductor is believed to have spent days watching Maddie and staking out the McCann family's apartment at the Ocean Club resort in the seaside village of Praia da Luz.

Meanwhile more than 500 British tourists, expats and locals have joined in the ongoing search for the blonde youngster along a six-mile stretch of the coastline.

The search has now shifted to Rocha Negra — a remote area feared by the local community and an ideal hideout.

Furriel Louis Costa, one of the policemen involved in the search, told us: "You would call it Black Rock. It is a very scary and chilling place. The local Portuguese people do not like to go up there. They are too frightened.

Some sources in the area suggested that Maddie may have been snatched by a Russian or Eastern European gang to be sold for up to £250,000.

Liverpool-born George Burke told cops he saw a couple carrying a young child at around 6am, seven hours after the abduction, as he drove home from nearby Lagos.

Maddie's dad Gerry read a short statement outside the apartment block. Tearfully, he said: "We would like to thank everyone here in Portugal, the UK and elsewhere for all your support during this extremely, extremely difficult time for a family."


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