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CARIE UNDERWOOD who sold over 5 million copies of her Some Hearts debut album so far, has spent the last 3 weeks at no.1 on the billboard charts with her new single wasted.

co writers of the song waasted, ASCAP and BMI who are competing performance rights organizations that collect,monitor and distribute royalties to songwriters and music publishers for the public use of their songs, threw carrie two seperate parties to celebrate the suscess of the song both on wednesday night!

Carrie received a traditional silver silver cup for reaching no.1 aswell as a 'bling' fancy carry case for her dog ace from BMIS vice president, who said carrie will be bringing new fans to country music and that she was the first new country artist featured on MTV in the past five years.

Carrie took time out from recording her new album to attend both parties that night.
her album which is untitled still, will hit stores this fall!

Good luck Carrie!


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