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more MADDIE sightings

Cops in the case of missing Madeleine McCann are still working leads on the Mediterranean island of Malta including reports from an eyewitness that Maddie may have been with a family that took her onto a yacht. Detectives in Malta say they are investigating fresh claims of sightings on the island and reveal they have received details of over 20 sightings in total, dating back to June 27.

Madeleine's parents declare that they "convinced" she is still alive in an open letter thanking British news organizations for their help. They are remaining cautious with each new sighting and report.


Witnesses seemingly come through with new information each day. Many people contacted police to report the sightings. Some are convinced the girl was Madeleine. A most timely and chilling report was that an Arab family, a very wealthy family complete with bodyguards had taken a little girl aboard a luxury liner.

Eyewitness citizens were so convinced that the child was Maddie that reports claims they tried to intervene only to be blocked by a security team allegedly connected with this unknown family. But police are not giving up.


They have promised to continue the search for the missing little girl and "leave no stone unturned." It is not known if the yacht has left port.


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