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News on Britney's album!

Yes, all them rumors were wrong about the album being put of till next year! it will be released in september, it has been confirmed, the album has not been named yet.Early rumours suggest that the album title is "Fears Within" although this will probably be proved false.

Confirmed producers/writers:

Cathy Dennis (Toxic, Showdown)
Gavin Bradley
SoulPower UK
Jonathan 'J.R.' Rotem (Recorded "Everybody", "Who Can She Trust?" + More)
Scott Storch
Kara DioGuardi
Bob Rock
Sean Garrett (7 Songs recorded "Kiss Me All Over", "Red Carpet", + More)
The Clutch (2 Songs recorded "Freakshow", "Radar")
Lil' Jon
Nate Hill (Worked On Nelly Furtado's "Maneater")
Pharrell Williams (One half of The Neptunes)
Steve Anderson
Kerilynn Hilson
Lukasz Gottwald (AKA Dr Luke)
Har Mar Superstar
Junior Vasquez
Polow Da Don

What the Producers are saying
Swizz Beats:
"The Britney stuff, we're creating just for her. It's a lot of tempo, a lot of hard drums, a lot of sonic changes. It's just something that when you hear it, you get goose bumps. She's back for real."

Sean Garrett:

"They're trying to do some real crazy-ass stuff that the world is going to love."

"Her album's going to be incredible," Garrett told The Showbuzz. "I am really excited. She's been very happy-go-lucky in the studio. Her mindset is great — she seems very focused."
Garrett said that he is making sure he's giving her some tracks that are "going to be talked about. Exciting, aggressive, fun. We're definitely getting back to the basics with her. We're trying to make the world dance and sing to her beat."
So far, they've done seven songs for her album.

Jonathan 'J.R.' Rotem:

"I was always just trying to work with talented dope artists in any genre. We just really made an effort to really get out there and work with all these people; I’m working with Mya, Jojo, Britney Spears, all that kind of stuff. Working with Britney specifically is great, I mean, she’s very talented and she’s just like a veteran, even though she’s young, she’s been performing and doing things for like 20 years. When you get in the studio with her, she’s focused; she knows how her voice is. Even writing, we wrote a song and I was really impressed by her creativity and how well she knows herself. She’s just dope, she’s a veteran."

"It’s kind of a combination of Pop and Hip-Hop. I love Hip-Hop, and people tell me even when I’m doing Pop and R&B, I think they come to me because I have a certain edge in the music and the Hip-Hop is there. Definitely that feeling is in there, that groove is in there. But you know, it’s still Pop music, it’s still very her, it’s just next level Britney. We’re working on a few different songs, some are just, it’s hard to explain, like dark and dramatic, others are more dance and still others are just straight club, Hip-Hop people can feel it, and Pop. "


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