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Jamie Lynne's $1 million mag deal!

Jamie Lynne Spears will get 1 million dollars for a photoshoot with her baby when it is born! good on her because other magazines will get them for free if she dosnt do that so at least she gets something from them for following her 24/7!

Jamie Lynne has being getting alot of bad publicity recently since the announcement that she was pregnant
We dont think its fair as

1,people say shes a 'slut' HELLO she has a long term boyfriend and madly in love! she wasnt sleeping around!

2,People say shes a bad role model for kids! Hello, people wont go out get pregnant cos she has one! It happened by mistake and she isnt the only teen to get pregnant! In some places theres more teens who are pregnant than arent pregnant!

3,People say there needs to be more sex talks in schools! obviously every teen know, not all use contraception but alot do and dont realise that if you take pain killers or any other medicine it stops it working, some adults dont even realise that!

Jamie Lynne and her boyfriend did the right thing, they could of got a abortion to keep there reputation, family is alot more important than reputation, when the baby is born Jamie Lynne will love it like nothing else and would not wish to turn the clock back!

There is not set age to have a baby, everything happens for a reason and some people are ready earlier than others and some people fall in love earlier than other! but still you should wait till your old enough and have enough money to raise it!


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