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Message from Lilly Allen!

Hello Mateys

As you might already know the BBC have been silly enough to to fund my very own TV show . It will be on in the new year on BBC3 and I am very excited about it . There will be good celebrity guests , not rubbish ones and brilliant bands playing brilliant music . And of course a pregnant me trying to present it all .
One of the ideas of the show is to publicise bands that have not been on T.V before , so if there are any great bands or acts you know of that you think I should have on then please let me know .
More importantly I want you all to be involved in some way ( if you're interested ) . A big part of the show will be based around you guys, so please go and sign up on the show website for chances to get involved , like being in the audience , or sending stuff in for me to talk about , or sending in questions for my guests . I should warn you it looks a bit crap at the moment , but we'll be updating it more and more everyday , and it's going to be amazing soon . Go have a look anyway at
Well thats it for 2007 , happy christmas you lot , see you soon
lil x


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