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Oh happy day!

Here is one of our favourite youtube singers of all time, Angelica singing 'Oh happy day' live in a concert hall with a huge choir behind her! Here is what she says about it!

this is a different kind of song for me... and i am so happy to say that i got the chance to perform live with a choir... and in the main concert hall of Romania...(Athenaeum) ... the only thing is i wish i had more time
to prepare myself.... i found out they wanted me to sing just 48 hours before the concert.. so i had to learn the song very fast.....
and i did just 1 rehearsal with choir before the concert... lol ....
and i just can't explain u how nervouse i was! but also very happy at he same time... ... omg..!!! anyway, i hope u'll enjoy it... kisses, Angelica

!!!!! pretty please ;-)))
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