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Jay-Z workin with Timbaland

Well, it’s no secret that Timbaland has been busy with all of the collaborations and productions he’s made lately. Who is he reportedly partnering up with this time? That’s right, you guessed it. Timbaland is joining forces with Jay-Z, husband of Beyonce Knowles, for Jay-Z’s new album, which is supposed to be new and fresh to listeners.

Timbaland said “We want to go to the world. Some of the songs are gonna sound like M.I.A. You’re gonna be like, ‘Whoa!’ But it’s Jay on them. That means it reaches everywhere. I’m gonna have songs with bagpipes too. The music is gonna be so worldwide, he’ll be able to tour the rest of his life, maybe, off just this one album.”

Sounds interesting! I’m super excited to see what this will sound like. Two musical greats on one album. I smell a hit coming up!


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