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Message from George Sampson

Wow – what a day it was on Sunday! I went all the way down to Weston-Super-Mare for T4 on the Beach and it was totally brilliant.

The crowds were huge and it was a nice sunny day too!

We got there at about 11am and first off me and Rosie my sister played X Box - Guitar Hero game for about an hour backstage! They had this massive tent with deckchairs in there – on the machine next to us were the Sugababes! Anyway I beat Rosie first time (she beat me later on!)

At about half twelve I went onto the main stage with the T4 presenters Steve Jones and Rick Edwards and tried to teach them a few moves – they were absolutely rubbish! But they are really cool guys we had a real laugh.

After that I went over to the Aygo Disco stage – and really now that was really mad – I nearly lost my mum and sister in the crowd when I was going up on stage and Naylor had to get a bit of extra security help – it was absolutely brilliant! Whoever's got my Ecko Tshirt that I chucked out - I hope you like it! My mum keeps laughing as I keep giving away new T Shirts or Bandanas!

The crowd was absolutely amazing there – I couldn't believe it – thanks so much everyone for coming down and supporting me there, I loved it – I think you can tell that can't you?!

I saw the guys from McFly there too – they had been performing and also Izzy from Escala was with Harry so it was nice to see her , we all watched some games that the guys from Gladiators were playing in the VIP areas – and I drank too much Redbull because that's all there was to drink!

I also met Lil' Chris and we went in the signing tent together so it was nice to meet with someone a bit nearer my age too, he's cool, and then I also met the guy from Basement Jaxx, Felix Buxton - man he was crazy ! - He never stopped talking!

I really wanted to meet Ne-Yo too because he was there – and he's an absolute legend! But when I went up to say hello his security were a bit rude so it put me off– I know it wasn't his fault though so I didn't let it ruin the day! I heard his set and it was great.

I drove back to London at the end of the day and my mum and I are staying in a flat here while I'm in the Into the Hoods show so I started rehearsals for that this morning at half nine! It's all going really well – I'll try and get some videoed for you this week, I can't wait for it to start and hope some of you can make it to the show!

I will also have more news about the DVD later this week – there's some wicked new ideas about things we might do so once we decide I'll let you know!

Hope you like all the photos from Sunday.



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