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New Lily Allen blog

Whagwan Bluds ,

So i went on a little holiday to Ibiza last week , didn't get much sun cause i've been glued to the Olympics . I did go out one night though , to Space , it was all a bit of a blast from the past, cause last time i was in Ibiza I was 15 and working on the main strip in San Antonio selling tickets to nightclubs with tokens for free shots of vomit inducing alcohol , living in a welsh hostel . It was nice to experience the island in a different way , we went to lots of nice restaurants and did lots of swimming and it was all very fun .

Now , the album . it has been finished for a while now , I don't really know whats going on with it . The record industry is a very political place at the moment and I am on EMI records , lots of people have been fired or have taken redundancy recently as the company was taken over by a private equity firm called Terra Firma . Many of these people were people assigned to my projects and now i don't quite know whats going on . I'm sure everyone will find their feet soon enough and i'll be able to put the album out soon .

In the meantime there are the olympics to watch and the football seasons starting which are both far more entertaining anyway. I'm gonna go to the V concerts tomorrow , which will be fun i'm sure , and then i might go on another holiday as i don't have anything else to do .

Lots of love


ps thank you to the Met for getting my friend Charlie back , we were all terrified and from what i hear you guys did an amazing job .

Dont forget to watch Leona Lewis perform at the closing Ceromny!


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